Warming Up to the Idea

It’s two weeks until the deadline for Chicago Booth to release its Round 2 admissions decisions, but I’m trying not to worry about something that I no longer have any control over. The advice about not increasing the troubles of today by borrowing from the future is particularly fitting for those in a similar position. While I wait, I am glad to have been admitted to one of my target schools and to have the good fortune of having to weigh a decision that I do control.

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And Now We Wait

The end of the business school application process – for me, anyway – is almost within reach. I recently completed my third and final admissions interview, and am now just waiting for the admissions committees of Chicago Booth and Kellogg to make the same decision that the admissions committee of NYU Stern did over a month ago.

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In the Nick of Time

I feel a little like someone who just barely made it onto a subway train before the doors closed and the subway speeds off to its next stop. It wasn’t easy, perhaps with the doors re-opening and re-closing on my outstretched arms and awkwardly contorted body a few times as I wriggled onto the train, but here I am, sweaty and wrinkled clothing and all. After dusting myself off, it’s now time to settle down and face the journey ahead.

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A Coin Flip’s Chance for a Booth Interview?

Not much happened this week in terms of business-school related news, in part because one of the schools I am waiting to hear from, Chicago Booth, encountered a historic blizzard this week. Still, I was interested to know what my chances were at securing an interview at Booth, since there seems to be a steady stream of invitations going out to other applicants.

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The Road Not (Yet) Taken

As I consider my next career move (including whether or not to attend business school), I find myself returning to some advice that helped me align my interests with my then-current career trajectory and that motivated me, in part, to apply to business school in the first place.

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Retrieval Practice May Benefit GMAT Prep (and Other Learning)

The New York Times recently published an article titled “To Really Learn, Quit Studying and Take a Test” that might benefit those preparing for the GMAT, as well as others who want to improve their learning in general.

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The Clash Said It Best

Since I began my preparation for the GMAT over half a year ago, I’ve had a pretty steady diet of activities geared toward getting me admitted to business schools: studying for and taking the test, contacting recommenders, researching and visiting schools, talking to current students and alumni, gathering supporting material, writing essays, submitting applications, interviewing, losing motivation (okay, maybe not this one) and then regaining my mojo in time to complete the rest of my applications.

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