Pre-June 2011

Note: This is the now-outdated “About Me” page from when I was applying to business school, but I’ve left it up to give context to my earlier posts.

I intend to primarily write about my experiences as I apply to business schools in 2010-2011 (for a seat in the Class of 2013). What happens in-between and beyond that is anyone’s guess.

Whether you are looking for information, inspiration, commiseration or just some plain, old-fashioned schadenfreude, you probably want to know who is the source of all this drivel. Can’t say I blame you. But, who knows who is surfing the internet, so here’s what I’m willing to share about me for now.

The goods:
-Age: The new 20
-GPA: Starts with a 3
-GMAT: 99th percentile
-Work experience: No complaints after 3+ years
-Extracurricular activities? Could use more
-Schools: Targeting 5-7 schools in the “Top 10” (by some definitions)