50 Days of Summer

It’s been exactly 50 days since I decided not to go to business school and, as usual, I can’t believe how quickly time seems to fly by. It’s been a whirlwind of different activities – a bit of this, a bit of that – and now my plans are taking better shape. So, I wanted to take a moment to reflect on the past month and a half, both to mark my progress and to help focus my efforts in the near term.

My journey Post-Decision started with a previously-planned camping trip with some friends during the July 4th weekend. It was hot, it was sweaty and it felt surprisingly great to get away. There’s something about being in that kind of an environment – where temperatures reached highs of almost 110 degrees – that makes you forget anything weighing on your mind and forces you to concentrate on remaining as motionless as possible.

During the trip, I also had a lot of downtime to think and chat with people about lots of different things, including my next career step. As a result, I felt good about being in a position to be choosey about how I spend my time and efforts, and returned home with more resolve about my path forward. To reiterate, the plan is to not gnash my teeth in choosing The One Right Thing, but to pursue interesting opportunities wherever they arise, and then to eventually focus on what has the most potential.

I have ideas kicking around – primarily in the tech/startup space – to potentially start something on my own or with a partner, but I am also interested in seeing what others are already working on. So, my time has been filled with a veritable cornucopia of networking, brainstorming and learning enough web development and programming to prototype my ideas. I’ve also continued to get support and ideas from some really fantastic friends and family.

As I look forward to the next few months, I will still be keeping an eye out for interesting learning and networking opportunities, but I will be focusing more and more on one project in particular, which I’ve already made a good amount of progress on. The current goal is to rapidly take my idea from conception to implementation, and then either see if it is something that should be expanded or something to use as a reference point for a future project or career move.

Who knows where this will all lead, but I feel like I’m moving in the right direction.

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2 Responses to 50 Days of Summer

    • justship says:

      Hi Steve, I’d say I made the right choice for me (or at least it wasn’t a wrong choice). It took some time, but not being in school put me in a position to take advantage of opportunities that I wouldn’t have been able to otherwise, and I’m happy and motivated by what I’m doing now. Looking back, getting real-world experience in areas I was interested in instead of using that time for additional formal education and not having school loans ended up being key contributing factors to where I am today.

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