Ask, and You Shall Receive

In my previous post yesterday, I talked about valuing certainty at a premium, once you get to the point in the business school application process where you have gotten into at least one school you want to attend. Well, I got my wish granted almost immediately, in the form of an email from Kellogg today kindly informing me that I don’t have to go home, but I can’t stay there.

It is a relatively painless outcome, partly because I was already inoculated as a result of coming to terms with the very recent Booth waitlist, and partly because I am ready to move onto the next phase of this process. It would be nice to get to choose among options, rather than having my choices constrained for me, but that’s not how it turned out. As my options are becoming much clearer, I’m back to the decision I have been thinking about since over two months ago – attend NYU Stern or don’t attend business school at all?

As I’ve said before, it will be a matter of making the best decision I can, given the circumstances and my goals. It’s increasingly looking like I’ll be in Greenwich Village this fall, but the next few weeks and months will bring further clarity. Either way, I know I’m going to be a-okay.

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8 Responses to Ask, and You Shall Receive

  1. Tim says:

    Yeah, poor guy – you have to decide whether or not to go to one of the best B Schools in the world or not… no, I know you’re a disappointed, but you have a great opportunity with NYU!

    • JustShip says:

      Thanks, Tim. Don’t get me wrong – I am grateful to be in the position I am and am excited about the opportunity to attend NYU – but even if I had gotten into all the schools I applied to, it wouldn’t necessarily be a slam dunk case to go. It’s more about weighing all the factors, known and projected, to make the best decision for my situation.

  2. Matt says:

    Why apply to a school in the first place if you’re not willing to attend it?

    • JustShip says:

      I’m excited at the opportunity to attend NYU (I only applied to schools that I want to attend), but I want to make sure before I make a two-year commitment and assume six figures of debt that it’s the right decision.

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  4. nt says:

    two things: 1) thanks for adding me to your blog roll!
    2) yes, totally got the same email from kellogg. sigh. decisions, decisions.
    have you visited NYU yet? some of my best undergrad memories are of visiting friends there and hanging out at stern.

    • JustShip says:

      No problem! It’s always interesting to read about other applicants’ experiences during this inscrutable process.

      Yes, I visited Stern before working on my application and then again for the mandatory on-campus interview. Did you attend undergrad in NYC or thereabouts?

  5. Mark Wong says:

    Switching gears is definitely tough. We spend so much time stressing out about getting in that it’s easy to forget why we’re doing it. ;)

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