All is Quiet on the MIT Front

Based on last year’s timing, I thought that most applicants to MIT Sloan would be receiving either a ding or an interview invite by last week. Now, I’m not so sure, since it seemed pretty quiet last week in terms of notifications going out from E-52.

I think the later timing this year is a matter of the school finalizing their travel plans to the various hub cities for interviews, but that might just be hopeful thinking. It might also be a function of schools wanting to see how the Round 2 candidates are shaping up before making decisions on Round 1 candidates, especially if it’s not clear what the overall volume of applications will end up being this year compared to years past.

In any case, I have three weeks to complete my remaining applications, so it doesn’t make any sense to think about MIT Sloan until I hear back from them. In the meantime, good luck to all who are still waiting, and congratulations to all who received good news from other schools during the eventful previous week.

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