Calm Before the Storm

As the business day wraps up on the East Coast, it looks like today has been a relatively quiet day for the admissions staff at the schools I am applying to, other than a trickle of news here and there. Next week, though, should be more eventful.

MIT will likely release a few more decisions next week (with Friday the 17th being a potential “ding day,” if last year is any indication). Wharton will be releasing all decisions for Round 1 by Friday the 17th – even though I haven’t applied yet, it’ll be interesting to see what type of candidates get in. Similarly, Chicago Booth and Kellogg (which I also haven’t applied to yet) are slated to release decisions on Wednesday the 15th and Monday the 20th, respectively, but it sounds like some people are already being notified. Columbia’s rolling admissions means that decisions could come at any time, but there will likely be a few notifications that come in before the holiday break.

This weekend will be a great time for applicants waiting to hear back from their Round 1 applications to collect themselves, remain confident that they’ve put their best efforts into their submitted applications, and then brace themselves for the potential flurry of news to come next week. Taking a break from applications might be nice as well.

As for me, in between preparing for my NYU interview and working on my remaining applications, I have a few plans with non-applying friends that will be a pleasant reminder that the world continues to spin on its axis, blissfully unaware that each revolution brings some people closer to impending disappointment or joy. Have a great weekend everyone.

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1 Response to Calm Before the Storm

  1. I believe HBS is Tuesday and Tuck is Friday as well! I love the last paragraph of this post. You’re a very talented writer!

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