Two Words: Email Filter

Should have thought of this sooner, but I’ll use it going forward and note it down here for posterity and for other applicants.

One way to avoid some of the minor heart attacks I get every time I see an email in my inbox from such-and-such-school’s admissions committee – thinking it might be an interview invitation or other update on my application – is to use my email’s filter function to sort out those misleading emails into a separate folder, so I never have to see them. To ensure that I don’t filter out any relevant emails, I make the filter parameters very specific; just in case, the emails are saved into a separate folder, so I can always look inside the folder if I’m feeling curious.

For example, in the case of MIT, if an email matches the following parameters, it skips my inbox, gets marked as read and gets moved into a separate folder:
– From:
– Subject: Join MIT Sloan for an information session OR MIT Sloan MBA Admissions chat

If I had done this earlier, I would’ve avoided at least 10 irregular heart palpitations.

For NYU Stern, I applied the following filter (which would’ve caught 2 emails so far):
– From:
– Subject: NYU Stern Online Chats

So far, NYU is less of a spammer, but my filter will be waiting to pounce, just in case. I’ll keep an eye out for any other filterable patterns in the emails I get from the schools I applied to, but for now, if I can save myself from at least one false hope, it will be worth the little amount of effort it takes to set an email filter.

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2 Responses to Two Words: Email Filter

  1. We are all going to be mad men (and women) come January/February/March with checking our emails, when decisions begin to roll out!

    • JustShip says:

      Agreed. If it’s already an exercise in restraint checking our emails for interview invites, checking our emails for admission decisions will take it up several levels.

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