Post-Thanksgiving Lethargy

Whether it’s the tryptophan, taking a few days off from applications or something else, it’s been difficult getting back into essay-writing mode. After submitting my application to NYU Stern earlier this month, I would have thought I’d be done with Columbia’s application by now. Turns out, I decided (probably for the best) to re-write my essays, which is taking longer than anticipated.

In other news, seems like the initial invitations for interviews for NYU Stern are starting to go out. With not that much communication from most schools, applicants are trying to glean as much information as they can from other applicants. It seems like those who applied well before the Round 1 deadline and are somewhat local are starting to hear back first. Since I applied closer to the deadline and am not local, I think I won’t worry unless I don’t get an invitation by the end of next week.

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2 Responses to Post-Thanksgiving Lethargy

  1. Itu says:

    Hi, came across your blog courtesy gmatclub. I am an Indian resident and applying for fall 2011 ( I think i.e :)) Truly battling which schools zero on. I wonder if I can seek your advice. All the best with applications .

    • JustShip says:

      Hi Itu, if you haven’t already, please see my post on how I chose which schools to apply to from a few weeks ago. I am basically only applying to schools that I would love to attend if admitted. Based on my circumstances, it is only worth the time/money to attend a nationally-recognized school in the US (i.e., within the Top 15). Beyond that, I shortened the list considerably by choosing schools based on location (big cities only), perceived student environment, areas of concentration and other factors. Then, I chose 3-5 schools that I was competitive to be admitted to (i.e., target schools) and 1 or 2 that I had a small shot at (i.e., reach schools). As I receive feedback from my Round 1 applications, I may adjust my application strategy for later rounds as well. Your particular circumstances (such as career goals, competitiveness, time to work on applications, personal preferences) are likely different, so make sure you apply to schools that make sense for you. Good luck!

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