Change of Scenery Today

Instead of working on my business school applications from home as I usually do, today I’m going to step out and work on them from a café or other public place where I can find a relatively quiet place to sit. I think it will be good. I will bring a book to read as well, for when I take breaks. From time to time, I do this to avoid being a hermit and to engage with society, even if only peripherally.

Although I’m only working on my third application, my stories and goals are continually being refined. Part of this is due to the difference in the essay prompts that different schools have, but part of it is also that I think my applications could use a lot of improvement in terms of realistic goals and cohesiveness. But, in thinking and writing about my story every day for the past few weeks, I start to lose focus. Stepping away from applications and doing other things, such as running, helps; changing the environment in which I work will also help to re-motivate me.

I welcome this essay-writing process though – my career path and goals could use more clarity, and it will benefit me throughout life to know what my strengths are and how to effectively use them to create something of value.

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