Panic! at the Discovery of Potentially Unconvincing MBA Essays

In working on my next round of essays for the third business school I am applying to, I inevitably revisit the applications that I have already submitted to other schools. At the same time, I also continue to consult online resources and books about writing effective essays for business schools. Perhaps it is my nature to always see room for improvement, but comparing my already submitted essays to examples from successful applicants from years past left me feeling slightly apprehensive about my chances at getting in anywhere.

That, assumes of course, that essays matter as much as business schools say they do and that my essays are not as convincing as other applicants’. While “panic” isn’t necessary the right word, I do feel that I can do a better job of tying together my past experiences to my decision to pursue an MBA and providing more specific examples instead of platitudes. I suppose this is what past applicants meant when they said that their later applications are much stronger and more compelling than their earlier applications. I should probably have changed my application strategy to apply to my target school after applying to other schools first, but it’s too late for that.

Although I had spent significant amounts of time working on my earlier applications and thought that they were strong enough when I submitted them, there are definitely areas that I can strengthen. I am also hoping that my essays are better than I give them credit for, and that the rest of my application is a significant asset to my business school candidacy. Time will tell for my already-submitted applications and, in the meantime, I am working hard to improve on my next applications. Maybe I will be okay after all.

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