Em. Bee. Eh?

It’s the second week of November in the first year of the new decade, and the days are getting shorter and colder. In other words, it’s the perfect environment for staying inside and working on business school applications.

To recap, I started thinking about pursuing an MBA over a year ago, when I was considering changing jobs. At the time, I had a white-collar job that paid well and that I was advancing in, but I had come to the realization that I wanted to be more directly involved in shaping the direction of businesses, rather than providing professional services to them. I thought about applying to MBA programs last year, but decided to work at another company, to see if I could learn on the job instead. After learning in fits and starts, I decided that a formal business school education would be the best foundation for learning the skills that I needed to change my career; also, as a career-changer, I would benefit from having a summer internship to explore a new position and from accessing the network of alumni and recruiters for launching my new career and beyond.

As far as my b-school application-related activities to date, I’ve taken the GMAT, contacted recommenders, narrowed down my list of schools, wrote my first batch of essays and submitted two applications in Round 1 so far – one to MIT Sloan and the other to NYU Stern. While it is taking a lot of time, writing essays has been an enlightening experience for me. Since starting the essay-writing process about two months ago, I have done the kind of introspection and career research than I could have benefited from doing years ago. As a result, my professional goals, and how an MBA fits in, are becoming clearer. However, I still have plenty of people to talk to and research to do, as I have a better idea about the function, and less about the specific industry, I want to work in. Not sure how this uncertainty will affect my applications, but time’s a-tickin’ and I think I have a good enough idea for applying now.

In the meantime, I don’t expect to hear back from the schools I have applied to until early-December at the earliest. Next up is my application to the other school in New York.

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